What To Do If You Smell Gas From Your Furnace?

Gas From Your Furnace

When it comes to making our indoors comfortable, especially during the winter, a top working furnace is all we need. However, when your furnace is not used for a long time, one may notice the smell of burnt dust. It is the result of the collected particles in the system, which causes them to burn inside, which eventually causes you to smell unusual odors coming from your furnace. Fortunately, this should only last for a moment, giving you non-smelly heat just in time.

Do you have some other concerns than just the burnt dust odors? Have you noticed or smell gas leaks, often described as rotten eggs or smelling like sulfur? If so, It could be your furnace leaking gas, and calling someone professional is extremely necessary! But what to do when you smell this kind of smell within your homes? Below are the following that you should consider doing to keep you and your family safe.

Here’s What To Do:

If you are smelling gas when you turn on your furnace, there are steps you should follow to keep yourself and your family protected, and these are the followings below:

  • If you can smell gas in your home, avoid using fire starters or lighting matches.
  • Turn off your gas furnace immediately. 
  • Leave your home. If there is gas present, it could be dangerous to your health, so it is best to outside in the meantime until the issue is taken care of.
  • Call for emergency assistance. Gas leaks from your furnace can be destructive not only to your home but to your neighbors as well. That is why emergency services should be there right on time to prevent such disastrous events.
  • Once the place is secured and your gas furnace problems have been addressed, contact a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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