Benefits of Replacing Furnace and AC Together

Replacing Furnace and AC Together

Are you aware that having wrong-sized air conditioning units in your area may lead to inefficient cooling, rises wear and tear on your HVAC system, and higher utility bills? That’s why during the replacement of your unit, our assigned professional will begin by doing a full load calculation. It can help our experts to determine the perfect fit unit for your place. It will also account for the home’s square footage, orientation, insulation, and load-generating appliances. It can help us to determine how much cooling power is needed.

When Should My System Need a Replacement?

For your information, one of the first ways to know if your system needs to be replaced is considering how long you’ve installed them in your place. Mostly, heating devices or furnaces will last up to 20 years, while an AC unit will last up to 15 years.

If you notice your energy bills have risen unexpectedly and unreasonably, this may be an indication that your HVAC unit is working overtime and needs to be changed. If you also observe that your home temperature is never quite accurate or right, this is also a great sign that you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Noticing unusual noises and needing frequent repairs or coming from your system are also accurate signs that its life is coming to an end. 

Benefits of Changing Your Air Conditioning Unit and Furnace Together

Do you know that one of the potential advantages of installing a new heating and cooling system (Furnace and air conditioning units) together at the same time is more efficient? For your information, today’s HVAC systems are highly efficient and use much less energy than older units.

With this matched equipment (Furnace and AC), you can expect that all are operating at the same performance level. So, if you have a damaged and old air conditioning unit and brand new heating equipment, the overall performance of your heating and cooling system is impacted and full advantages from your new equipment will not be appreciated and valued.

For you to have an idea, it’s more budget-friendly to change the entire unit as common work items may have to be replaced twice if the air conditioning unit and furnace are not being replaced together at the same time. So, you will be paying double for material and labor for the same task. 

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Having a pan of replacing your furnace and air conditioning unit together can save much of your money from paying high-priced labor. But, there are some times where it may not be necessary and it doesn’t make sense to replace both at the same time.

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