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Have you just moved into a new house or added a room intending to get a new air conditioning system? Do you need the best HVAC service as you notice unusual noises or leaks coming from your system? Why not give Metro Heating Repair and Heating a call and book a service visit from our HVAC experts? We cater to residents and businesses throughout Altadena and service all brands and types of heating and cooling systems. At Metro Heating Repair, we provide thorough heating and air conditioning services. From installation services to emergency service and repairs, we’ve got you covered! We service all major heating and air conditioning system brands and models.

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Why Choose Metro Heating Repair?

So, whenever you need one of our technicians in your Altadena’s home or business, you can expect the following service benefits below, such as:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Experienced & Well-Rounded HVAC Technicians
  • Same-Day Service
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Accurate Results
  • Hassle-Free Transactions
  • Free Estimates

We at Metro Heating Repair have been in the HVAC service industry for many years and have worked with countless air conditioner or heating systems through the years. Give us a call today!

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Ventilation system cleaning and repair in Altadena

When using equipment in Miami ventilation and air conditioning systems, dust and grease are deposited, making it very difficult to maintain the specified parameters of the atmosphere in the room. Contaminated air ducts create all conditions for the emergence of fire and the rapid spread of fire through the building. Most often HVAC is also designed to cool, heat and humidify the air, thereby accumulated inside the ventilation, creating a good environment for the growth of hazardous to human health mites, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. However, these harmful parasites do not stay inside the ventilation system, but enter the room with air flows. Concentrations of such microorganisms in the air can cause diseases such as influenza, allergies, SARS, which are transmitted through ventilation and then from person to person.

Typical HVAC malfunctions

Calling an AC master in Miami is a fairly in-demand service. Most modern products are high-end, high performance, although defects or other factory problems occur here as well. The third thing that makes to call the AC repairmen – are violations of operating rules and external factors, such as voltage fluctuations, mechanical or weather effects on the outdoor unit, untimely maintenance.
As a result it is possible that various malfunctions may occur, to which we recommend users to urgently react:

  • the climate control unit does not cool or it takes longer to reach the desired temperature;
  • noise levels rise during operation (from the street or from the indoor unit)
  • causes unpleasant smell
  • the air conditioner switches itself off after a short time or does not turn on.

We recommend to make an urgent call to the air conditioner technician in Miami! Any delay in contacting the service center can only lead to additional costs: the cost of repair work will increase.

5 more reasons to call a technician for AC repair

Breakdown of air conditioning equipment is usually a sign of a serious malfunction. Our company recommends not to lead to such situations, but to take care of the maintenance of your air conditioner in time. If you do it in time, the breakdowns and the need to repair the product may not occur. You can make a call to a air conditioning master in Miami if you are interested in services such as:

  • installation. Let’s say you bought a split-system in an electronics hypermarket at a nice discount. But its existence is only half of the deal. It needs to be installed and it must be done professionally and correctly.
  • cleaning. Timely cleaning of the inside and outside unit is the guarantee of a long term trouble-free work of the conditioner. And for our professionals it’s not a difficult task to forget about it;
  • refrigerant charging. Sometimes the cause of air conditioner malfunction is related to freon leakage. In this case our task is to diagnose the underlying cause of failure. And after that to charge freon and check the operation of the product.

Air Duct Cleaning Can Significantly Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Altadena

Metro Heating Repair does all the necessary work to diagnose, clean and disinfect the ventilation system in Miami

To begin with an inspection of the ventilation system with the use of video equipment, noise meters, multimeters (dust concentration, humidity, flow, temperature), to identify the condition of horizontal and vertical ducts, to find the causes of inefficient or improper work of the ventilation, well, and of course quality control cleaning of ventilation systems.

Once the degree of contamination of air ducts is determined by a plan of work and a list of equipment used. Cleaning of ventilation in Miami is carried out with the help of special devices – high-efficiency vacuum cleaners, compressed air, a special rotating brush.

A set of units and tools for cleaning the ventilation

– unit with a pneumatic drive, turbine for a rotating brush
– electromechanical cleaning machine
– special tool for chemical treatment of air ducts
– filtration unit
– high pressure blower and vacuum unit

This method used by Metro Heating Repair is efficient and safe. Vent cleaning in Miami is done without disassembling and without contaminating the premises.
In addition to cleaning grease and dust from the ventilation system, Metro Heating Repair also professionally disinfects the ventilation system in Miami.

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