How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in New York?

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Well, the installation of portable air conditioners is extremely easy. Unlike the traditional air conditioners for which you require technicians, you can install these all by yourself and that too within a few minutes. There are only two components that you have to be careful about during the portable air conditioning installation. These include the venting and drainage.

The Air Conditioners Are Not Easy to Lift

Caution! If you think that you can pick up the portable air conditioners, well you are certainly mistaken. They are heavy and thus need to be held onto caster wheels before you try to keep it at the place you desire.

Grounded Electrical Units for Power Supply

It is very important that you determine the right source of power for your portable air conditioning installation in New York. The moment you make a wrong choice, you can end up in seriously damaging your appliance. Therefore do not connect your portable air conditioners with the power extensions. Make sure to always keep it connected to a grounded electrical unit only since they tend to draw up a lot of energy when the compressor kick starts.

Install the Air Filter before switching it on

Now while the placing of air filter is an important part of the process, you need to be absolutely certain that you take good care of the air filters. Regular cleaning is a must if you wish to not invite any sort of trouble due to the debris that gets accumulated on the surface.

Don’t Bring the Children Too Close

Since the source of power supply for the portable air conditioners is the grounded electrical unit, it is important that you consider the fact of keeping your children as far away from the place as possible. Don’t allow them to play near the unit as it is extremely dangerous.

You can place your portable air conditioners on a hard level floor. It should always be kept from furniture or plants so that there are no obstructions in the air flow. So let us get started.